CADA: Nashville Night at the Ritz

Corporate Event Design and Production

Photography by Isaac Hernandez

CADA's Nashville Night at the Ritz served up a heaping portion of Tennessee rock and blues with the talented artist Pryor Baird. Guests become part of the "Nashville Broadway" street scene, with buskers strumming and singing, and beverages served at the local "honky tonk." Photo ops and silent auction action, lounges and fire tables, and masses of glowing candles set the scene for the cocktail hour. Guests entered the main ballroom designed as a large Memphis dancehall, replete with a dozen neon signs, denim linens, and crisp white napkins wrapped in leather cord. Tabletop neon centerpieces glowed amidst bright floral arrangements and hundreds of candles throughout the room. A new and vibrant look, just right for this Nashville-themed gala! Highbrow-lowbrow design at its finest by the award winning design and production team at Merryl Brown Events!

"Wow again! The Ballroom was gorgeous. My words won't do justice to your creation."
—Gail Arnold, Santa Barbara Independent

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