Into the Woods

Social Event Design and Production

Photography by Megan Sorel

To celebrate a milestone birthday of a beloved local artist, we created a fantastical dinner party set in a verdant woodland at a Montecito estate. Hundreds of trees, bushes, and ferns were brought in to create a secret enclosure for this unexpected wonderland where guests walked along a path entering a narrow leafy opening. Tiny woodland creatures with party hats meandered along a mossy flower, crystal, and plant-adorned centerpiece. The little creatures each carried miniature cards, gifts, or berries toward the center, where a small wood table was set, surrounded by even more creatures having a celebration of their own beneath a canopy of ferns. Guests sat around the table wearing their own custom party hats created by local artisan Joya Rose Groves. For dinner, a bountiful buffet laden with forest-themed delicacies was served atop a variety of wood platters and stumps. Seasons Catering masterfully delivered a winning combination of beauty and culinary inspiration with an organic rainbow of carrots, braised mushrooms, a flower-filled garden salad, roasted herbed potatoes, yellow and purple cauliflower, and an herbed tomato quiche. The pièce de résistance was a stunning platter overflowing with a variety of cheeses, dried fruit, honeycomb, charcuterie, olives, hummus, and a creamy wheel of Brie topped with sage, pecans, fresh figs, and drizzled with local honey. An organic carrot cake with cream cheese frosting adorned with edible flowers added a sweet touch to this charming soiree.

"This divine woodland party was hands down the most magical event I've ever attended. From the carefully selected menu that included yellow, orange, and red carrots and delicious chocolate champignons to the most cleverly conceived of centerpiece to the verdant setting among trees and ferns, I can't imagine that I'll ever experience that kind of exquisite sensory pleasure again."
—Baret Boisson

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